Some Hacks To Keeping Your Home Tidy

If you are someone that is a neat freak but has no time to take care of everyday up keeping of your house or making it stay tide, then you have come to the right place. A lot of people can’t stand untidy homes, and they also hate the challenge of a big clean.

In this list, we have provided some great hacks to keep your home always tidy.

–    Remove and get rid of all excess objects. I am sure that you have a lot of things in your house that you don’t even need, start by getting rid of those in an orderly fashion. Clutter builds up really quickly and if you do have a lot of clutter don’t save things because you think that you might need them later on. Getting rid of unwanted things will make your house a million times cleaner.

–    Make sure that everything you have has an assigned place. After you have gotten rid of the excess clutter, it is incredibly important to assign a spot for everything that you own. For example, give a place for magazines and books in the living room and one spot for all your purses, keys, etc. Have a spot for all of your jackets and coats; make sure that you follow this every day.

–    If you have children, you need to understand that they couldn’t care less about a clean and tidy home. Instruct your children and tell them to put things back and make assigned baskets for everything.

–    Allot half an hour of your evening for tidy time. Set a rule for everyone in the household and make sure that they follow this rule. The rule should state that they should clean up their room if it’s messy in that half an hour. This will reduce your work by half.

–    Avoid the use of paper, because paper can cause clutter and messes as well. Magazines, bank statements, receipts, and such can build up to the unwanted clutter. Make sure the bills and receipts are kept aside safely because you may need them for exchanges, returns, or probably taxes.

–    You should make your bed every morning. It may not be an entertaining thing to do, but some people actually consider making their bed in the morning to be aesthetically pleasing. It is something that takes less than 5 minutes, so you should just do it every morning.

–    Make sure that you put away your used clothes every night in the hamper.

–    Wash dishes as soon as you finish eating or maybe set aside 30 minutes every night to do the dishes. Do not let your dishes pile up in the sink.

Some Inexpensive Fixes To Realistically Boost Up The Value Of Your House

If you are on the lookout for ways to spruce up your house without actually draining all of your savings, you have come to the right place. You may be doing this for a lot of reasons; you probably want to deck it up before you sell it, you may want to do it for your own enjoyment, whatever it may be, it will surely help you and your home a lot. These are some ways you can quickly boost the value of your house. All you can do is add improvements and make some things better.

Here is a list of all you can do.

  1. Did you know that the kitchen is actually the heart of your home? Well, it is, potential buyers will surely be on the lookout to see what kind of kitchen you have, so before a showing, you should make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned up your kitchen. You should also invest a little money and replace the kitchen faucet and add new doors to the cabinet. It would also be appropriate to update and replace old light fixtures and make sure that you have chosen new ones that are energy efficient.
  2. After the kitchen, the bathrooms are the ones that will need updating. Since you won’t be taking the toilet, the wash basin or the bathtub with you, it would be good if you hired a professional to properly clean them before you give up your house for open houses. It would be a good idea to put in a new toilet seat. All of these simple things would push the new buyers to accept your offer. It would even be okay if you were to quote a higher price after adding all these fixtures. If your floor was a light color and has discolored over the years, see if chemicals can wash out the discoloring, if that does not help, it would be a good idea to put in a new floor.
  3. Did you know you could add in a new room in a week or even less? If you have a 4 bedroom house with a den, you can actually add in a closet in the den and make it a bedroom. And then the house would be sold as a 5 bedroom house, and that adds immense value to your house. Some experts have said that it is easily possible to add a closet to the room and drywall it and have the whole project done in less than $1400-$1500.
  4. It would add a lot of value to your home if you were to add a skylight. If your house has multiple stories, add the skylight on the roof and make sure the light reaches the ground floor by making the area around the skylight transparent. It’s like a skylight within floors to let in natural light.
  5. Adding large mirrors and large windows will also make the entire space look and seem much larger than it is.