Arborist inspecting a tree

Did you know that NSW has very tight tree protection rules and regulations? It’s not really common knowledge but it’s true. There are strict rules that are outlined by local councils that people must adhere to. The main aim of these laws is to protect trees from being removed unnecessarily or from being damaged. These regulations help to protect the beautiful vegetation in Sydney and can help to stop trees from being damaged without cause. If you think a tree may need to be removed then you may need to get an arborist report in Sydney to show that it is necessary. Read on below to find out more about why you might need an arborist report in Sydney.


What are they?

An arborist report in Sydney is designed to help you document the overall health of a tree and may also document the tree’s significance and features of the tree. An arborist report in Sydney may provide details as to how to approach the tree and what should be done about it. It’s important to keep in mind that not all people qualified in the field are necessarily qualified to write reports designed to be shared with the local council. A lot of the time councils will ask for at least a level five certification before they will accept a report.


When will I need one?

The only time that you will absolutely require an arborist report in Sydney is when it has been reported by your local council. You’ll usually receive this request when you want to remove a tree on your property that falls under the tree preservation order protection of most councils. If your council isn’t sure what to do about your tree then they may request an arborist report in Sydney. These reports are usually requested when there are no obvious or outward signs that a tree is dying or that is should be removed from a property. An arborist report in Sydney is designed to be a comprehensive examination of the health of a tree and can provide a council with great insight into the general viability of preserving a tree.


Who usually writes an arborist report in Sydney?

Usually, it is required that at least a level five certified professional write these reports but that will depend on your council. If you need an arborist report in Sydney then it’s a good idea to look around online for people that can help you out. There are a lot of people in NSW who are qualified to provide tree services but aren’t qualified to write reports. There is generally an industry-wide split between practical specialists and consulting specialists. Practical workers work on performing removals and other related work whilst consultants primarily focus on providing reports and other information to homeowners and councils.


What if the information isn’t in my favor?

The main idea of an arborist report in Sydney is that it is meant to be entirely objective and unbiased. Your provider is supposed to be honest about how healthy a tree is and make honest recommendations about what should be done with it. Sometimes these will be in your favor but at other times they may recommend against removal.


When it’s not in your favor it can be a bit annoying as these documents are quite costly so if you’re not sure if it’s going to go in your favor it is a good idea to speak to local professionals in your area. Most professionals will give you an indication of which direction they are leaning towards.