Professionals in 2020 now have the option of sourcing a medical certificate online rather than having to jump through the traditional hurdles.

Particularly with doctor’s offices and practices stretched for openings, the ability to access and send these documents is beneficial for all parties.

However, there are some strict do’s and do not’s that have to be respected.

Here is your official guide for employee etiquette for sourcing a medical certificate online.


Having an Account for Online Access

For men and women in a professional capacity to access and send a medical certificate online to their employer, they first need to have an account with the practice. The registration processes for these private outlets is relatively straightforward in 2020, allowing users to fill out a quick set of personal information including name, address, contact details and some medical provisions at certain junctures. Once this has been confirmed following a period of 5-10 minutes, the page can be saved for future appointments. Should there be any questions or queries in this respect, it is advised that local patients call up on the reception desk to see if there are any unique stipulations.


Book & Confirm Appointment

An appointment will have to be confirmed in order to obtain a medical certificate online. There are two distinct options in play at this stanza – coming into the practice to see the specialist in person, or to speak with them either through a phone call, email thread or video call set up. The former will have to be used if the patient-doctor relationship is new or if they are suffering from symptoms that don’t predicate preexisting conditions. The latter can be leveraged if the doctor already understands that the problem involves a preexisting condition and they simply require time off work to recover from those symptoms.


Communicating With Employer About Steps Taken

Rather than progressing on this single-minded expedition to source a medical certificate online, get in touch with the employer to let them know that these are the steps being taken. Each individual business will have their own policy as to the appropriate steps that should be taken, creating a difference between full-time contracted staff and their casual and part-time counterparts. Major mistakes are taken when participants make assumptions about what their employer will do when receiving these documents, so it is always valuable to be one step ahead and contact the relevant parties about acquiring the certificate digitally.


Check Certificate For Authentication

Sending through a document of this nature over the web can create a situation where employees make a lot of assumptions. They know that they are dealing with a reputable medical professional (a non-negotiable) but believe that they will automatically dot each ‘i’ and cross each ‘t’ as they come along. Instead of finding out that there is an error and backtracking to the practice for an amendment, take a quick glance and see if the following is included:

  • Name of the doctor
  • Address of the practice
  • Name of the patient
  • The type of condition diagnosed
  • Details about how/if that impacts on working conditions and for how long

Accessing a medical certificate online that ticks those essential boxes will be ready to send.


Send Certificate Through Promptly

One of the key concerns with a medical certificate online is not only the contents of the form but the timing of its delivery. Under most conditions there will be businesses who allow their employees to even backdate the document, let alone sending it through a week or two beyond the absence. To engage best practice in this setting, it is a worthwhile exercise to CC the organisation and send the copy through as soon as it is in the patient’s possession. That will help to alleviate any concerns about sick leave entitlements.