Home with an artificial lawn in Adelaide in the front yard

Thinking about what will go fit with your lawn the most? Artificial grass or Natural? Several factors help you determine making this decision. While both types have their pros and cons, only you, depending on your needs and conditions, can decide which choice will be the best for you. Price plays a significant role in this decision too. Today we will be discussing the ins and outs of artificial lawns in Adelaide particularly. Their demand has been on the rise in the last few years. What makes them so special? Does having an artificial lawn in Adelaide worth it? Balancing these advantages and disadvantages will help you see a clear big picture of both. Therefore, let us move on and see what artificial turf brings to the table.

Artificial Grass Pros and Cons


  1. Little to No Maintenance. The first and foremost advantage artificial turf brings is getting rid of the hurdles you face in mowing and watering the lawn. We all know how much of a tiring, boring chore that is. With artificial turf, almost no maintenance is needed except monthly cleaning that is easy to do.
  2. Pets and Kids Love It. Your pets and kids would instantly become a fan of the outdoors once you go for an artificial lawn from Adelaide. Dogs, in particular love, digging up the grass and making a mess. You’ll be saved from the trouble of filling dug up holes since artificial turf cannot be dug.
  3. Fake turf is all about durability. Depending on the quality, fake grass can serve you up to a decade without tearing up.
  4. Stays Colorful and Fresh. The fibers of artificial grass are designed to look vibrant and colorful even in the most extreme temperatures. You’ll always find your artificial lawn in Adelaide blooming bright green grass even when the temperature is below 0 degrees.
  5. Safety is another advantage you get out of artificial grass. Unlike natural lawns, you don’t have to deal with harmful insects through pesticides and whatsoever. Fake grass cannot be home to insects or any dangerous bacterium.


  1. Highly Expensive. The biggest disadvantage of artificial turf is its price. While it is durable and requires little to no maintenance, even the lowest quality material of artificial turf is enough to break the bank.
  2. Installation is Complicated. The installation part is complex as well as expensive. In trickier situations, such as installing turf on a slope, you’ll have to face many challenges. Hiring installation services is your best bet, but that too will make your wallet thinner.
  3. Not Eco-friendly. Experts have told us that the rise of artificial lawns in Adelaide is not healthy for our planet. People choosing fake grass over real means there is going to be more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This can be troublesome in the long run.

With all these advantages, artificial lawns in Adelaide are expensive. Nevertheless, the durability and low maintenance compensate for this con. If you calculate the cost between artificial and natural turf, you’ll find that artificial turf is more pocket friendly in the long run. The high price might stop you from opting for it, but consider it to be an investment that will give off around a decade if you take care of it. Moreover, the only con left to be addressed is the eco-friendly one. We cannot say much about it since it is truly a threat to our clean green Earth. But the most you can do is plant a tree or two nearby to compensate. We hope this article gave you an informative insight into what is best for your lawn.