pet drinking fountains

Pet drinking fountains are wonderful little devices that don’t receive nearly enough recognition. That’s why today we’ve put together this list of reasons to install one in your home so you can get a better idea of the value that pet drinking fountains can add to your life as well as that of your furry family member. 

Easy Access To Water

One of the most obvious benefits of installing pet drinking fountains within your home is that they provide easy access to water whenever your four-legged friend needs a drink. They are far superior to standard bowls in this manner, as they provide access to a lot more to drink. This makes pet drinking fountains an ideal solution for those who are out all day at work, as they can help ensure that your furry family member can sip whenever they need to. This is also perfect for those who are often out for the weekend and cannot take their pet with them. 

Refill Less Often

Speaking of their ability to hold more water, this perk also means that you’ll need to refill your pet drinking fountains far less often than you would a bowl. This is particularly beneficial for those who need this as their four legged family member’s drink a lot as it means you won’t be walking away from whatever you’re working on every five minutes. 

No Spills

Another benefit of pet drinking fountains is that, unlike a bowl, they’re quite hard to knock over. This means you can greatly reduce the risk of spills within your home. Not only does this help ensure that your four legged friend can get water when they need it, but it also works to eliminate the serious slipping hazard of a wet floor. 

Less Mess

Now, this perk isn’t guaranteed as it really comes down to the way your particular furry friend likes to consume their water, however, as a general rule, pet drinking fountains tend to make less mess than bowls due to the way they’re configured. This is particularly great for those who like to maintain perfect order within their homes but everyone can benefit from having one less thing to clean up. 

Provide Stimulation

Pet drinking fountains are also a great way to provide simulation for inquisitive furry friends. Rather than simply wandering over to lap up their water, your four legged family member will need to use their brain power to access a drink which can help reduce destructive tendencies as their attention and energy are focused elsewhere. 

Fun To Play With

Not every benefit of pet drinking fountains has to be so serious, so it’s also important to note that they can be great fun for your furry friend to play with. This can take the form of making the spray pop out randomly, trying to chomp it much like they would do with the stream from a hose, or pretty much any other way that your dog can find to entertain themselves that you deem acceptable.

Allow Your Pet To Cool Off When It’s Hot

Following on from our last point, allowing your four legged family member to play with their pet drinking fountains can be particularly beneficial in summer as it can allow them to cool off on hot days. Admittedly this can lead to a bit of mess, but it’s a small price to pay for the safety and comfort of your furry friend when temperatures get high. 

So, now that you’ve got a better understanding of how great pet drinking fountains are, all that’s left to do is select your preferred model and add it to your cart so you can start reaping the benefits.