Technology has never failed to amaze and capture us with every single way that is has completely made our lives easier. With so many advancements in technology, scores of many cool gadgets are adorning every single home that has influenced people’s lives. These gadgets are not only fancy, but also, they provide very fast and quick solutions to problems that we humans face every day. These gadgets also reduce human effort and conserve space in a significant way.

Here is a list of some great additions that would be great for your home.


  1. Robot vacuum cleaner: Vacuuming and floor cleaning is incredibly easy with robot cleaners that actually go around your house and vacuum up any dust particles or dirt that is lying around on the ground. It is fully equipped with capabilities to detect dust and also clear out its wastes in a designated place, once full. Most owners do the clearing out themselves. It has so many different types of features for all types of floors and also kinds of dust and dirt on the floor.
  2. If you ever have trouble waking up and if you live alone, choose an alarm robot to wake you up. And if you don’t wake up, it will increase the volume and keep doing that until you wake up. It will also move away and hide until you find it.
  3. Wireless LED bulbs have become intelligent. It is also very convenient to change the color and also the brightness. Get ready to say goodbye to conventional on and off wall switches and experience the new age way of smart lighting system that can easily be controlled with your smartphone. You can even schedule how long they should be turned on.
  4. Wireless speakers have become really popular ever since JBL and other brands came up with their products like JBL GO and JBL Charge. They can be charged, and their battery lasts for hours. They are also much loved because they are loud and very clear as well. You can choose to play music from whichever device that you have connected it to.
  5. Solar powered lights which turn on and off when detecting movement. These lights charge up their batteries all day with the help of solar cells and then light up at night. They are some of the best ways to conserve electricity.
  6. A smart body analyzer will analyze your entire body and give you your BMI if you just stand on it.
  7. An air purifier will surely come in handy if you live in a city where the air is completely polluted.