Strata gardening contractors while working

Strata gardening is a necessary aspect to living in communal apartments or areas, if you have an effective team it is very easy to not notice the work being done, the best teams will invariably be part of the background and their work is carried out without disruption.

However, not all strata gardening teams are created equal, there are buildings and contractors who do not cut the mustard and instead end up being noticeable for all the wrong ways. Today we will explore a few of the warning signs that your strata gardening contractors are not measuring up where action should be taken.

1.   Inconsistency In Work

The first and foremost warning sign of a re-evaluation of your strata gardening team is in the work itself. There are quite a few examples of inconsistency that can be troubling from the outset, this can include examples of proper maintenance not being adhered to or the noticeable drop in quality of the work pertaining to the appearance and general look of the aesthetic that is typically covered by the experts.

Strata gardening includes all aspects of the public facing property, so if there is a sudden lack or consistent lack in the appearance and general look of the environment, including weeds, lawns and unkept hedges, it may be time to consider a sit-down with the team and discussing it further.

2.   Constantly Rotating Team

Another troublesome sign of a company that needs consideration is through the workers themselves, if you are noticing someone new everyday coming in for the general day-to-day work, it may be a sign of a poorly run company from the other side.

This notwithstanding, having a constant change in workers can also have a detrimental effect on the work being done, as over time a constant team will know the ins and outs of a property. In high turnover situations, there is no realistic expectation that new members of a team will have the knowledge of the property and the tasks that are more important, and if it is a constant change, this can become extremely frustrating. Strata gardening is as much about regularity as it is about the work itself.

3.   Unawareness of By-Laws

One of the biggest warning signs of strata gardening mismanagement is the unawareness of laws and regulations surrounding requirements for common property. This can be a fiscal and legal nightmare if not properly managed as every council, state and area will have stringent and specific by-laws for a common property that should be regulated and maintained. For many buildings this falls into the jurisdiction of your strata gardening team a lot of the time, as such, having an awareness of these laws is paramount.

Fines for not maintaining a common BBQ area, footpaths surrounding the property and other common areas are quite measurable so having a strata gardening company that is knowledgeable is vital.

4.   Dodgy Behaviour

The final aspect of strata gardening warning signs to be aware of lays in the behaviour of the workers and team as a whole. There have been many instances of dodgy workers charging extra amounts to specific tenants, engaging in illegal activity as well as inappropriate behaviour overall. If there are signifiers of some of these practices occurring, it is advisable to find a new service as soon as possible. Discussions with tenants and tenant associations will garner a more connected network to alert fellow tenancy agencies of dodgy strata gardening companies as well.

These were the warning signs, of course it’s best to discuss and try to alleviate issues that can be fixed, but if there’s too many red flags, it may be time to move on.