stock market of Australia

There are a number of things that can occur that impact the stock market of Australia. There are obvious influences and not-so-obvious ones that are genuinely surprising to think about. These impacts on the ASX can have ripple effects in the lives of everyday Aussies that can be beneficial or not so beneficial as well. 

This article is for those who are invested in the stock market of Australia, or simply those who are interested in the process and wish to learn a little more about the fluctuations and the causes therein. We’re going to explore a few of the major factors that can impact the stock market of Australia in both positive and negative senses. 

The stock market of Australia is a fussy beast on occasion, so there are some strange ways that factors have influenced it for good or ill – these are just a few of the ways/factors.

Natural Disasters

We are a country of natural beauty, that also comes with a sense of inherent danger on occasion with the increasing threat of natural disasters that can cause mayhem in our lives, and on the exchange. While not predictable by any stretch, these disasters ranging from bushfires to the recent floods can cause a lot of mayhem for the stock market of Australia. 

Patent Approvals

Patent approvals have a surprising impact on the stock market of Australia for a variety of reasons. One of the more impressive ones being that as a company gains approvals or patents for a product, method of creation, or substance in general, the value of that company will likely increase depending on viability and utility. 


Many households have already begun feeling the pinch of inflation, and if you’re keeping up with the latest news and current affairs in the space, you’ll certainly see the detrimental impact inflation is having on the stock market of Australia. Excessive inflation is often seen as the harbinger of a recession, though in this case we can guess that it is more due to the recent pandemic and should hopefully subside. 

That being said the stock market of Australia has not seen a pinch like this for many years, so time will invariably tell on its bounce-back rate. 

Tips For Investors 

If you’re worried about some of these issues that are impacting the stock market of Australia, there are some common sense approaches you could be taking to hedge your bets a little more and to protect your vested interests. 

Diversifying your portfolio is a wonderful way of hedging against certain disasters and impacts. Some investors prefer to diversify across industries or on multiple companies within an industry – whatever you choose, make sure you have a good spread across with reliable and well-researched investments. 

When researching a company to invest in, ensure you are always having a close look at their failsafe measures and plans for disaster (if they have any). Also ensure that you always have a little money tucked away in a savings or emergency account.