beautiful fit young woman in a minimal bikini

A minimal bikini is basically a normal swimsuit, but less of it. Minimal bikini swimsuits use less fabric than a standard design and often involved high thong cuts and string designs. The style is based on silhouettes that were popular in the 80s and 90s and is flattering on a range of body shapes. Because they have less coverage than most types of swimwear they take some serious confidence to wear to the beach, but women who are brave enough will find that the perfectly accentuate their curves. Many popular designs involve minimalistic colours and patterns to pair with the minimalistic design of the swimsuit. Bottoms are usually ‘T’ shaped whilst tops are usually triangular string designs. Because they have very little coverage over the bust area, curvier girls may find them difficult to wear to the beach. If you need a little more support in the front, then you might want to look for a version that has slightly thicker straps as it can provide a bit more support and lift in the front.

Worn tastefully, a minimal bikini from Myra Swim can look stylish and pared-back but mixed in with gaudier fabrics it can easily look a cheap and risqué. This is not a style for those who don’t like to show off their bodies. If you want to hide certain areas or soften the look, consider pairing the top or the bottoms with more coverage on the top. Do you want to know more about the minimal bikini look? Read on below to find out more.


Who can pull off the look?

Anyone with the confidence to wear a minimal bikini can wear one! It suits almost all body types, although the exact sort you wear may need some adjustments based on your specific body type. Those with larger derriere’s may want to go for a higher cut for a little bit of ‘lift’ as it will call attention to your best asset. Girls with curves can go for as much or as little fabric as they dare but if string designs make you uncomfortable you can still get the minimal bikini look with just a touch more coverage. If you’re tall or have an athletic frame the look can be great for giving the impression of curves – it’s a style that has become very popular with celebrities and models because it gives them a feminine, sexy appearance. If you’re shorter then a higher cut can make your legs appear longer, whilst those with short torso’s may want to opt for a slightly lower cut around the hips.


Should you try the style?

If you’re not a fan of bulky, full coverage styles then a minimal bikini might be the look for you. Done right they can be extremely tasteful and stylish. If you’ve been admiring the styles that celebrities and influencers are wearing in tabloids and on Instagram then why not try the look for yourself? It’s one of the most popular beachwear looks for the year and is set to continue to be the hottest silhouette for seasons to come.


Where can you find one?

This silhouette has exploded in popularity and is everywhere right now. You’ll find no shortage of online retailers selling the design and you’ll also no doubt find plenty of options in store. Shop around and find the best deals, there will most definitely be a lot of designs available as we move into summer so there will be plenty to choose from. It’s a good idea to go shopping in store first to try and work out what styles you like.