Two compounding chemist in Australia doing experiments in a lab

You may or may not have heard the term, or even knew there was more than a single typical pharmacist in existence for your medical needs and script redemptions. A compounding chemist in Australia has the distinction from regular pharmacies for several interesting reasons which can positively impact a patient and their wallet in the long run.

Today we will explore some of the inherent differences between a pharmacy and compounding chemist in Australia as well as delve into the fundamental reasons why more people are switching over to the latter.

What Is A Compounding Chemist In Australia?

Now that we know there is a difference it’s time to understand what the differences are between the two specialties. A compounding chemist in Australia has the primary focus of creating specified and tailored doses and styles of medication for individual requirements of a patient.

These tailored medications are built from the ground up using chemical bases to create the same effect as the intended medication would have and can be adjusted in terms of variable strength, consistency, and dosage levels.

Typical pharmacies on the other hand provide pre-determined doses and strengths in their original form as they’re delivered, this means it’s a one-size-fits-all style approach to dosages and medications, which works for a majority of people admittedly, but leaves a portion of the population with little to no option.

The Perfect Candidates for A Compounding Chemist in Australia

Of course, the first point of contact would be your GP or regular physician who prescribed the medication to begin with. With their advice you’ll be well on your way to determining if a compounding chemist in Australia is suitable for your needs.

The various beneficiaries of a compounding chemist in Australia are:

Elderly and Infant Patients

The parts of the population that always need an extra layer of security and assurance are the very elderly and the very young demographics. Oftentimes with mass-produced medications, there is a tendency to have an aggregate strength as well as pill size to better suit a majority of the population.

With a compounding chemist in Australia, the experts are able to build up a less strengthened variation of the same medication that is more suited for younger people or for those with a lesser required dosage level. Not only this, but a compounding chemist in Australia will also be able to change the form of the medication and convert some into a cream or liquid for easier digestion and introduction into the body.

This is especially advantageous for patients who cannot swallow pills in general due to a physical debilitation or for fussier younger patients who are not adept with pills. There are even options to change the flavours of the medication to better suit the younger patients even more.

Allergenic Patients

One of the more common issues that a compounding chemist in Australia deals with is the common problem of allergens and sensitivities in patients with certain medications. This is where the specialists are able to tailor medications to suit the needs of people with these sensitivities, deducting the specific allergen without reducing the intended effect of the medication.

Typical pharmacies cannot typically offer hypo-allergenic medications which is one of the core differences between the two.

Those On Discontinued Medications

A small but not insignificant portion of the population also require medications that have been discontinued on the typical market and through traditional pharmacies. The utilisation of a compounding chemist in Australia allows these medications to be recreated through the chemical building that these specialists are able to.