ASX shares to buy

With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc across the business world, no one has been hit harder than the travel industry. This is reflected in the ASX shares to buy which has dropped significantly in value as investors pull out their money to avoid going off the cliff with the travel industry amidst the pandemic. As travelers are banned from leaving the country, the travel industry quite literally has no way to continue their business operation, as there is no demand for travel at the moment. Consequently, the Qantas ASX share price has plummeted to never-before-seen lows, and these companies have had to be bailed out time and time again as a result. However, with the ongoing optimistic future of a vaccine, travel is starting to look like a real possibility through the travel bubbles of New Zealand, and possibly throughout set locations in Asia in the future. Consequently, investing into Qantas ASX shares right now might just be one of the best moves you can make.

Here are some reasons as to why right now might be a good time to invest into Qantas ASX shares.

The price is sure to surge

The price of Qantas ASX shares are sure to surge at some point in the future as travel opportunities start to open up. The future of the travel industry is looking more optimistic through the travel bubbles in New Zealand and possibly Asia in the future, and as such the price of Qantas ASX shares is set to rise accordingly. By buying for the low price at its dip, you can ensure a large return on your investment as the price surges in the future. This is a tried and tested technique in which investors buy into a dip, allowing for the hoarding of numerous share prices at a low price, and as a surge happens, the value of the shares increases significantly and the return on investment increasing accordingly.

The share price is low right now

The share price of Qantas ASX is currently very low, due to the plummet in the onset of the pandemic. As a result, investors can now buy into low priced shares and accumulate a good amount of shares for a fraction of the original price. Buying into a dip is a popular technique, and the Qantas ASX share price is sure to increase gradually over the next few months to years. As the travel bubble opens up, the share price should soar, allowing investors to rake in a high return, as explained previously. You can accumulate a significant amount of shares for a starting investment due to the low share price, and this will allow you to make a good return in the future.

There is a guaranteed recovery plan

Qantas ASX has a guaranteed recovery plan over the next 3 years, and thereby an investment into their shares is not considered risky but a surety in terms of a return. While the current economic outlook for Qantas ASX looks steep, there will surely be a revival in the travel industry, and investors who bought in early at the dip will make a good return on their investment as a result. Through their recovery plan, the travel industry giants will make their return and be reborn as an economic giant as travel opportunities open up.

In summary, Qantas ASX is currently looking bleak in terms of economic outlook, however they will have their return at some point in the future. By buying into the dip and low share prices, you can accumulate a good amount of shares and make a return as a result.